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A guide to Essential Oils

Essential Oils with Candle

How did your day at work go today? We find that they can be pretty full on and stressful at times. When it starts to get like that we like to reach for the aromatherapy vaporiser and fill the air with some calm. The wonderful scents of our essential oils always restore clarity and focus.

In times of need, essential oils are perhaps our favourite way to stay positive, each scent offers a different benefit in times of difficulty, whether it be hormonal, mental, physical or simply the need for calming.

If you haven’t used essential oils before and suffer from the above then perhaps you may benefit from their use just as we have.


Below is our basic guide to Essential Oils


1. They really are a gift from Nature


Essential oils are extracted from plants, they are taken from trees, roots, flowers, seeds and bushes. Nature offers us medicinal alternatives, this is why many turn to Essential oils to relieve various symptoms.


2. They work to relax both your Mind and Body


Essential oils are not a new science. They have been used globally for thousands of years to promote wellbeing. Whilst used to treat bodily issues including things such as swelling or the creation of collagen, essential oils are also wonderful for your Mind. They are capable of treating our brain chemistry in order to improve our emotional well-being offering peace in stressful situations.



3. The benefits of Essential Oils are easy to obtain


There is two quick ways to use essential oils on a daily basis. You can either diffuse them with a vaporiser or place them on your skin.

Aromatherapy sees you inhale the essential oil, this can be done by running them through a diffuser, vaporiser or even straight from the bottle. When applying them to your skin it is advised that you mix it with a base carrier. Our suggestion is  Jojoba or Almond oil, which is then massaged into the body. The other option is to be simply placed on your pulse points around the body, we find it helpful to have a Lavender Scent placed on our temple during a stressful day. Not all oils have to be blended, but its best to follow guidelines according to the label.

One other application is to add them to your daily bath. It’s an amazing way to relax after the stress of a busy day, please let us know how you sleep after doing this.


4. Essential oils cover all health requirements

With over 90 different essential oils available they cover a huge range of health benefits to help you get or stay well. Nearly all essential oils offer antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibiotic benefits.

Scientists continue to research the benefits of these natural goodies, time is being spent exploring the benefits shown with treatments for depression, anxiety, cancer, HIV and even heart disease.


5. They are Powerful

When an oil is extracted rather than squeezed it means you get a high concentration of the ingredient. Every drop can equal a few tea teaspoons of a dried herb. This means that they are much more powerful than the actual plant that they were extracted from. A good example would be Peppermint. It takes 25 cups of Peppermint just to match a single drop of Peppermint essential oil.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of why we value these oils so highly. They have become part of our routine at Love Your Health, we are using the Aromae brand currently with a favourite of ours being “Meditation” which is a blend of Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Lavender, ,Mandarin and Sandalwood.

We do however offer a larger range here 


So perhaps you are thinking which Oil suits which condition?

If you are in need of relaxation then consider these oils.


Ylang Ylang




If you need something Sedative, we suggest these


Ylang Ylang





If you need something to assist with Insomnia we suggest these






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