7 Reasons why you should start drinking Alkaline Water

Drinking water is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to improve your health.

Perhaps you are already doing that and if so then great! However, are you aware of the benefits of drinking Alkaline water?

Based on studies, drinking alkaline water not just improves our overall health but may also assists in curing various diseases. It has been proven also by several studies that alkaline water has a positive impact on the body as a whole. Among these top benefits are:

1. Alkaline Water serves as a potent antioxidant

Free radicals are harmful groups of atoms that ruin the immune system, damaging our body in general. These are among the main causes of various health problems. This is because when our immune system is compromised, infection and different types of diseases ranging from minor illnesses to serious degenerative diseases may occur.

Environmental pollution, common household products and cigarette smoke are some of the common sources of free radicals. To efficiently combat these free radicals, the body needs a full-strength source of anti-oxidants and one source is alkaline water.

And since alkaline water is in liquid form, it is easier for your body to absorb. This leads to a better result compared with most products and capsules available over the counter. In other words, by just drinking alkaline water, it may help protect your body from many different diseases that lead se serious health issues.

2: Assist in balancing the pH levels of the body

Maintaining the acid-alkaline balance of the body is quiet challenging yet a very important factor to consider in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is extremely vital to maintain the proper functioning of almost all systems in the body. Unfortunately, if your body is already over acidic, your system will be stress in maintaining that balance your body requires for optimum health. Ultimately, over acidity can adversely affect the cell activities in your body. Today’s modern diet that often consists of processed fatty foods such as Red meat, butter and cheese cause acidity levels to soar. Bad habits like drinking carbonated drinks, alcohol and coffee; smoking; and consuming processed sugar can lead to excess acid waste deposits building up in your body.

One way to prevent this undesirable situation is drinking alkaline water. It primarily works as a preventive measure but also helps in expediting the healing process. Its neutralizing capacity is so potent that really works even if you are already acidic.

3: Alkaline water promotes better hydration

There are a lot of science-backed reasons why we should always stay hydrated. Among these benefits are hydration facilitates memory and even optimize brain function, improves overall physical performance, and help prevent headaches and migraine. Therefore, it is vital to consider hydration as one of our health goals.

Alkaline water works better than tap water when it comes to hydration. Alkaline water, due to its smaller molecular content, making it absorption easier, promotes better and faster hydration. It also contains a variety of naturally ionised minerals that can assist efficient blood circulation.

4: Helps in detoxifying the body

Detoxification is one of the most important health regimens for a better health. It includes nourishing, cleansing and reviving your body. It focuses on cleansing your system and getting rid of various toxins that may ruin your health in the long run. Hydrating is the easiest, most affordable way to detoxify. Yes, drinking plenty of water every day can wash away toxins in our body that have been accumulated from the food you eat. These toxins, if retained in the body, may cause various illnesses. Thus, if you are thinking of detoxifying, start by drinking plenty of alkaline water every day.

As a foundation of detoxification, drinking sufficient amount of water is very important. Thus, experts stress the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water every day as a starting point. Of course, we can’t disregard the fact that eating a healthy diet composed of lots of fruits and vegetables is also vital.

To optimise the result of your detoxification program, it is important that the water you’re taking is 100% free from contamination or impurities. That’s why several detox experts advise purchasing an alkaline water machine or water filter to ensure safety. How could you possibly cleanse your system if the water you’re taking in to detoxify is contaminated?

5: Drinking alkaline water can boost the immune system

In order to guard ourselves against various illnesses, we have to boost our natural defence system and that can be done through drinking alkaline water. Our immune system plays a vital role in fighting against foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases. It can be done through proper hydration with alkaline water. It will naturally neutralise the free radicals in the body and help to cleanse the body from toxins. To top it all, drinking alkaline water regularly can significantly boost one’s immune system.

6: Can help you achieve your weight goals

Are you looking for ways to lose weight naturally without spending too much of your resources? We have good news for you!

Today’s diets are usually unhealthy or health-destructing. Eating junk foods is one of the most common unhealthy diets, which increases acid. To neutralise the acid, the body produces more fat cells that in turn resulted in unwanted weight gain. The good news is drinking alkaline water can naturally neutralise these acids and prevent them from ruining your system. In other words, if you drink alkaline water regularly, you can prevent unwanted fats from forming thus avoids gaining unwanted fats.

Drinking alkaline water significantly helps in weight loss because fat storage is reduced. A body that has a healthy level of alkaline loses weight easier than a body with a high level of acidity.

Indeed, alkaline water is very helpful in solving weight problems.

7: Can prevent the development of diabetes and cure psoriasis

A study released by Dr. Theodore Baroody talks about the significant relationship between alkaline water and sugar intake. His book entitled Alkalize or Die stated that the pancreas is highly dependent on a correct alkaline diet for it to produce digestive enzymes and sodium bicarbonate. All aspects of pancreatic function reduce excess acidity. It also added that maintaining a primary alkaline-forming diet is essential to achieve blood sugar balance. So, if the pancreas is healthy, it will function the way it should which is to regulate blood sugar balance which in turn provides energy in the body. One case that proves that drinking alkaline water has been used for treating diabetes was the one reported in Japan. Keijiro Kuwabara, a doctor, has been using alkaline water in treating diabetes for years now. According to him, even just a month of alkaline water intake could significantly lower blood sugar level. All other studies around the globe also help in proving this claim.

Skin improvements

On the other hand, alkaline water can also help in curing psoriasis, a chronic skin disease that is caused by quick skin cell life cycle. It is incurable but you can lessen its symptoms that include patches on the face, neck, and legs; scaling skin; and dry, cracked skin that may bleed. But symptoms may vary per person. One proven way to assist curing psoriasis using alkaline water is to directly apply it to the affected areas. Drinking enough amount of alkaline water can also help in hydrating and neutralising the skin to reduce the signs or symptoms of psoriasis.


Why invest in an alkaline water machine today?

If you are aiming to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve your health goals in no time with less cost, all you need to do is invest on alkaline water machine. If you want to opt for a one-time investment and save money from buying bottled water every day; then, this is the best decision you could ever make. Why not enjoy lifetime access to the various health benefits that come by drinking alkaline water?

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Waters Co BIO 1000 Black Edition 10 Litre Bench Top Water Filter

Waters Co BIO 1000 Black Edition 10 Litre Bench Top Water Filter
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Waters Co AcePot Bio+ Water Filter Jug – 1.9l
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