5 Health tips for radiant glowing skin

Young women with beautiful skin

It’s that time of the year when the sun starts to beam through the clouds. The days become warmer and longer, a little extra vitamin D fills our pours. Our exposed skin becomes more vulnerable to sun damage, environmental toxins and chemicals as well as oil imbalances from more sweat.

Protecting and looking after your skin is so much more important than avoiding blemishes. Your skin is the beautiful outer protection for your bones and internal organs. It protects them from disease, toxins and it assists in synthesising hormones and vitamins.

Follow my 5 health tips to protect your skin from internal and environmental toxins and improve your natural glow.

1: Increase your Vitamin A intake

Vitamin A influences the skin by modulating dermal growth factors, it also promotes cell turnover in the skin which assists with breakouts and acne. Lack of vitamin A may lead to rough, dry, scaly skin and premature aging.

To increase your vitamin A intake eat a diet rich in organic leafy greens, carrots, beef, sweet potato, pumpkin and eggs.

2: Eliminate toxins with Water, lemon & Himalayan salt

For eliminating toxins, hydration and electrolyte balance have one warm glass of water first thing of a morning with lemon to assist your body in eliminating any internal toxin exposure from the previous day/night and to stop those toxins blocking pours and seeping out to blemishes on your skin.

Support your body’s natural filtering processes constantly drink filtered water throughout the day to assist with hydration. Adding a pinch of Himalayan salt to 2 glasses a day to assist with natural electrolyte balance and keep your skin hydrated. 

3: Improve cell production with Zinc

Zinc is essential for cell production and the production of cell membranes, zinc is also responsible for wound healing, protects against UV radiation and have anti-inflammatory effects. Not to mention zinc also assists in transporting and increasing the level of vitamin A properties in the blood which is why it has a positive effect on acne.

Foods with the highest levels of zinc are animal proteins such as liver, beef and seafood or plant proteins such as pumpkin seeds and nuts.

4: Protect your cells with Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps to protect the body’s cells from damage caused from free radicals. Using Vitamin E oil topically protects the skin from damage caused by sun and other environmental factors, has been shown to reduce wrinkles and keep your complexion young. When choosing skin care look for Vitamin E oil in the ingredients.

5: Go Organic where possible

Organic fruits, vegetables, deodorants, make-up, hair and skin care is very important when it comes to overall health longevity and anti-aging. The less chemicals you are exposed to when it comes to your internal and external environment the better. Produce sprayed with pesticides or that have been genetically modified is believed by dermatologists to fasten the aging process. When shopping for your fruits and vegetables choose organic, where possible and get to know your local farmers and the products that they use to grow their plants.

Using organic topical products is extremely important when it comes to keeping youthful glowing skin and your body healthy and disease free. Unfortunately, in Australia there is little to no regulation on what can be used to create cosmetic products. Chemicals that you should avoid in your skin care includes parabens, fragrances and phthalates.