Wonderfoods Liquid Oxygen (200ml)

  • Gluten-free
  • Bioavailable diatomic oxygen in de-mineralised water
  • May help raise oxygen levels, energy and focus
  • Near-neutral pH helps maintain acid/alkaline balance
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Wonderfoods Liquid Oxygen (200ml)

High oxygen levels can improve physical vitality and mental clarity. Wonderfoods Liquid Oxygen supplies high levels of easily absorbed oxygen molecules (O2) that your cells can use right away, dissolved in high-purity water with a little sea salt from the Atlantic Ocean to prevent pH imbalances. You only need a teaspoon at a time (stirred into a glass of water) to get the full physiological effects. Can also spritz on your skin to help clear up problem areas.


De-mineralised Water
Sea Salt

The story of Wonder Foods begins with a single product.It all began in the early 1980s when Naturopath and Herbalist Glen Gillard was looking for a low allergenic milk substitute for his young son who had an intolerance to cows milk. Finding nothing on the shelves or in the market that satisfied him, he took it upon himself to develop, what came to be known as, Wonder Whey. More than 30 years later, Wonder Whey continues to be one of the best milk alternatives on the market. With over 30 different products ranging from Tangy C, Mega 8 and their Everyday Wellbeing range, Wonder Foods has established itself as Australias leading functional food brand. Their range is ALWAYS made from only the highest quality ingredients and is organic when possible.

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