Kiva Wellness Rise 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy Light

  • Includes Chromotherapy Light with 7 Colour Options
  • No Electrician Required Plugs into a 10amp Socket
  • Extended Long Warranty as Standard
  • Bluetooth, USB & FM Radio functions
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Temperature Range 30-75°C
  • Ultra Low EMF Heating Panels(reference page 18 for test results)
  • Beautiful Craftmanship solid timber construction
  • Eco environment no toxic glues, paints or sealants. 
  • 6 x High Quality Carbon Far-Infrared Heaters
  • Made from Sustainably sourced Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • Toughened Glass doors and Window
  • Shipped from our Burleigh Heads, QLD Warehouse
  • Call our sales team directly on 0280741791 if you have more questions

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Kiva Wellness Rise 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy Light

Now you can relax in your very own Far-Infrared Sauna, all from the comfort of your own home. Designed with high-quality modern tech carbon fibre far-infrared heating panels, you can rest assured that using the Kiva Wellness Infrared Sauna will leave you feeling rejuvenated. 


The advantages your body can gain from absorbing Far-Infrared heat has seen saunas such as the Kiva Wellness Far-Infrared Sauna begin to appear in a large variety of businesses including health spas, gyms, and massage clinics across Australia. Kiva Wellness is your opportunity to bring this technology home, allowing you to start or finish your day in the best possible and most convenient way. 



Why should you choose Kiva Wellness Far Infrared Saunas?


Complete with Australian certification, the Kiva Wellness Infrared saunas available at Love Your Health have ultra-low Electromagnetic Field (EMF) plus a very simple-to-use design. These saunas by Kiva Wellness are made using sustainably sourced Hemlock Wood from Canada and come complete with an easy-to-operate control panel.


The Kiva Wellness range of saunas are made using high-quality, thick and durable Canadian hemlock spruce, this is a common material used for saunas. It is not only strong but also non-allergenic, resin-free and provides a significantly reduced scent. This reduced scent will make sure your sauna experience is not clouded by thick smells that may be experienced in some saunas made with other varieties of wood.


If you are planning a personal wellness space to use on a regular basis, then look no further than the Kiva Wellness Infrared Sauna. Your Infrared sauna will be a perfect addition to your home. With low EMF certified heaters, no harmful chemicals used in manufacturing and high-quality toughened glass, the Kiva Wellness Infrared Saunas make for a relaxing atmosphere that can be both rejuvenating and refreshing.


Traditional Vs Far-Infrared Saunas


Unlike traditional saunas that heats the air surrounding you, infrared technology heats your body directly. Not only is this more energy efficient, it may also help you breathe easier as the air is dry. This in turn means you can experience a longer and arguably more comfortable session.


Get A Home Infrared Sauna That Is Built To Last


Buying a Far-infrared sauna is undoubtedly a huge investment in your personal health, which is why it’s important to choose a sauna with high-quality parts. Kiva Wellness Saunas come complete with high-quality carbon fibre heaters that emit heat evenly throughout the unit. 


Your Sauna is made with sustainably sourced Canadian hemlock wood. This type of wood is resistant to cracking or splitting and comes with little or no aroma, plus it's non-toxic and non-allergenic. 


With your safety in mind, the manufacturer of Kiva Wellness saunas tests its carbon heaters, monitoring thermal and electrical output. This ensures the Saunas arrive to you performing in accordance with the globally renowned Australian standards. Our saunas are reliable to use all year round.

 Kiva Wellness 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna


Chromotherapy LED Lighting Benefits


The use of an LED Chromotherapy lightbox included inside your Sauna alongside Infrared technology is known as Phototherapy.


The LED lights inside your Sauna will change with the click of a button.  Each colour offers you a different experience. For example, blue is believed to encourage your body to relax and unwind, which is perfect after a busy day of running around.





Easy to Use Controls

Kiva Wellness Saunas are built with ease of use in mind. The control panel inside your unit allows you to control the temperature with the simple push of a button, increasing or decreasing by 5 degrees with every push.


Your Sauna operates on a timer which can be increased or decreased whilst you are inside, again simple up or down buttons are in place to operate. 


It also offers a USB plug that allows you to connect your mobile phone or other device and play media through the speakers in the sauna.


Kiva Wellness Sauna Control Pad


Infrared Sauna For The Home: A Wellness Investment


The brand Kiva Wellness is focused on well-being at home. Its founding product range is Saunas built for the home. Introducing stylish, modern yet simple designs that will not look out of place in any indoor or undercover weatherproof outdoor setting. 



Kiva Wellness 2 Person Sauna on apartment balcony


Each model in the Kiva Wellness range offers a compact footprint perfect as a standalone feature or indeed built into your home's design. Please consider that in order to protect its hemlock finish the sauna needs to be kept out of wet weather and protected from moisture and direct sunlight.


The Safest Infrared Sauna Australia Wide


Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are a part of modern-day life. EMF or EMR as it is also known surrounds us with all of the technology we have today. Whilst digital devices remain part of our lives there will always be EMF in some form. 


EMF from Kiva Wellness Saunas is significantly below the levels generally believed to be unsafe which is often discussed above 10mg. 


EMF is measured in milligauss (mg). The heating panels in our Kiva Wellness Saunas have been tested between 3cm and 30cm distance from the panel. When tested at a distance of 3cm away from the heating panel, the mg result was just 2.3mg.


Buy An Infrared Sauna With Delivery & After Sales Service


We pay for a specialist heavy goods company to safely deliver your sauna. Careful attention is carried out along the way and we do not charge you for this. The delivery company will ensure your Sauna which comes in 3 large boxes will be carefully handed over to you ready for you to set up. 


These sauna's assembly can be achieved within 20-30 minutes, once put together the unit is plugged into a standard wall socket so therefore the need for an electrician is not required.


You can watch the step-by-step guide on how to assemble your sauna 



There is a Lifetime Warranty on your sauna's heater panels and a 5-Year Warranty on the wooden cabinet and electrical parts such as the control panel and power box. 

As a Love Your Health preferred brand should you have any issues with your Kiva Wellness Sauna and general questions simply contact us directly via Phone number below, Live chat or email and our trained team will support you.


Saunas are dispatched on a weekly basis, our Australia wide delivery partner will contact you and book in a delivery date and if you need other updates you can contact our team on 0288800749.


Please note that due to the size and weight of your Sauna we cannot use our usual couriers to deliver. This item is bulky so therefore will be shipped using a specialised delivery company.

For further shipping info please click here.



Kiva Wellness
Free Shipping Details
Free shipping for NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, ACT, WA, NT
Control Panel
Internal Control Panel from which you can change the time, temperature, light and use Bluetooth.
Control Panel Extra's
FM Radio, USB Phone Charging / Media Sound player
2 x Standard Speakers
Temperature Range
30 - 75 °C
Timer Range
5-60 Mins
Internal Lighting
Chromotherapy Lighting. 7 Different Colours to choose from.
1600W Total: Back:300W x 2 (100cm x 300cm)
Side:400W x 2 (100cm x 40cm) Bench support:200W x 1 (70cm x 30cm) Floor:200W x 1 (70cm x 30cm)
Colours available
Natural Wood
Product Weight
Shipping Weight
Sauna Dimensions
99.2cm W x 103.5cm D x 195cm H
Sitting Bench Dimensions
89.6cm W x 47cm D 
Shipping Dimensions
3 x Boxes (1) 200cm W x 105cm D x 18cm H + (2) 200cm W x 106cm D x 19cm H + (3) 103cm W x 108cm D x 24cm H
Hemlock Wood
Lifetime on Carbon Heater / 5 Year on other parts (Managed directly by us)
Plug / Cord / Socket
Standard 10amp Plug for a standard Au Socket
Average Cost Per Hour
$0.20c p/h
User Manual
Download Here


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Kiva Wellness

Kiva Wellness is dedicated to offering quality products that when used regularly will improve your overall wellbeing. Offering a range that includes Saunas, Pilates and Yoga products, Kiva Wellness is owned and distributed by Love Your Health Australia.

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