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EasiYo Yogurt Summerfruit Apricot Peach Yogurt (225g)

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EasiYo Yogurt Summerfruit Apricot Peach Yogurt (225g)

Eat straight or combined with your favourite recipes, this Easiyo Summerfruit Apricot Peach Yogurt is a favorite of many. Comes in a variety of flavours to choose from.


Pasteurised whole & skim milk solids*(62%) from free range cows
live lactic cultures (l.bulgaricus
flavouring substance
natural colours (beetroot red
beta carotene)

EasiYo was born in 1992 by an inventive Kiwi dad who wanted to make it easy for families to enjoy the goodness of homemade yogurt. They created the EasiYo yoghurt maker with jars and a variety of yoghurt flavours so you can easily make creamy, natural thick untreated yoghurt at home. Their flavours include greek style yoghurts, unsweetened, low fat, vanilla, strawberry and coconut!

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