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Collection: Lipstick

5 Top Tips For Luscious Lips

Tip 1 - Hydrate - Drink plenty of water and try to avoid licking your lips when possible.

Tip 2 - Exfoliate - Remove dry, dead skin flakes by gently brushing your lips with a wet, soft toothbrush or washcloth (do this once a fortnight).

Tip 3 - Don’t pick or bite your lips, if your lips are chapped or peeling leave them alone to heal.

Tip 4 - Eat a healthy diet which includes fruits and veggies. Vitamins B and E are especially important for healthy lips and skin.

Tip 5- Choose a natural nourishing and soothing lip balm with SPF protection and antioxidants to provide UV protection 

How To Apply Lipstick

Dab some lip balm to nourish, moisturize and even out your lips. 

Apply your lip liner first as it will help to prevent bleeding. Fir lip liner choose a colour which matches your lips not your lipstick.

Smile and stretch your lips out as you apply lipstick. Otherwise when you later talk and your lips stretch out your lipstick may appear uneven.

Start applying lipstick in the centre of your lips and drag the lipstick from the centre to the corner of your mouth. Some people use a brush, others their finger or simply direct from the tube. Choose whichever works best for you.

Check your teeth for lipstick smudges before you dash out. 

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