Greenpower Twin Gear Cold Pressed Juicer KP-E1304S

  • Keeps nutrients and enzymes alive for up to 72 hours after juicing
  • Voted The world’s best twin gear juicer
  • Voted Best Wheatgrass Juicer 2017
  • 5 year warranty on motor and parts
  • Doubles as a living food processor and makes healthy nut butters, ice cream and more
  • Improved to juice even pomegranate
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Greenpower Twin Gear Cold Pressed Juicer KP-E1304S

The Greenpower KP-E1304S Twingear Cold Pressed Juicer is the original twin gear juicer which was designed by Mr Jong G. Kim back in 1986. With this machine, you will produce a smooth juice free of pulp and the tiniest amount of foam if any at all. The Greenpower KP-E1304S is a wonderful investment in you and your family’s health. Along with being a fantastic cold pressed juicer it is also a living food processor which is able to make frozen fruit treats, nut butters, living soups, baby foods, and much more.
Greenpower Twin Gear juicer with fruit surrounding it

The Greenpower KP-E1304S Twin-gear Cold Pressed Juicer features :

    • Get a higher ratio of living enzymes from your produce than centrifugal or single gear juicers.

    • Its “Jang” twin gears use magnetic plus bio-ceramic technology

    • Offers a higher yield than many other juicers along with pulp-free juice

    • Creates a living juice which will stay alive for up to 72 hours

    • Offers a complete living food Kitchen

    • Comes with a 5 year warranty on motor and parts

Thanks to Greenpower’s engineering work this juicers rate of produce compression has increased by up to a further 10% whilst reducing the amount of time it takes to make the juice by up to 50%. During all of this it continues to retain the nutrients in your produce. The 0.1mm gap between the juicing part of the twin gears means there will be no direct contact whilst in operation. No metal to metal contact means you can remain assured that you will not have any metal shavings in your juice.

Awesome for Fruit juicing

The Jang twin gear set is designed to be used for all purpose general juicing and food processing. Combined with the strength of the motor and gearbox this machine is powerful enough to pulverise dried red pepper, grind coffee, peanuts and sesame seeds along with doing a great job on wheat and barley shoots, plus ginseng root and even pine needles.

Easy to Use & Clean

The Greenpower Juicer is easy to operate, simple to disassemble and is cleaned with ease. Thanks to the Korean quality engineering this machine will provide a very high quality juice whilst keeping noise levels below 60db.

Pesticide Free Juicing

As juicing popularity has grown there has been concerns raised regarding the consumption of larger amounts of fresh vegetables due to the potential of consuming pesticides and heavy metals that the produce have absorbed during growth. Thanks to the triturating action of the Greenpower KP– E1304S it not only separates the juice from the fibre, it will also leave pesticides and heavy metals remaining with the fibre meaning you do not absorb these.

Greenpower twin gears explanation


Specialised Precision Engineered Twin Gears

The Greenpower's Jang twin gears will extract up to 10% more juicer at a faster rate than other juicers on the market. Once in place the double magnet series that is contained within the twin gears create a focused magnetic field between the precise 0.1mm clearance that sits between them.

This innovative design offers both magnetic and bio-ceramic technologies that when working together generate positive ions which then in turn increase the life and longevity of the juice. Working at the core of each rotating gear, these special engineered Neodymium magnets contain 4200 Gauss. This means that as your juice is flowing through the magnetic field, the water molecule clusters within the juice are opened allowing them to recombine with minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium creating new molecular structures.

This magnetic process will in turn aid in extracting a higher percentage of mineral nutrients from produce whilst juicing and plays a key part in keeping the minerals in a suspended colloidal form.

With the cluster passing through a magnetic field it is opened up and releases its components. This may also lead to the breaking up of smaller clusters each with a specific magnetic draw of their own.

Bio-activated juice is finally restructured in hexagonal form by the extra strong Neodymium magnets with 4,200 Gauss and bio ceramic powder installed inside of the twin gears, fresh juice cup and fruit plunger.

Included: 1 x Juicing Twin Gear Set,  1 x Fruit Screen, 1 x Crush Screen, 1 x Vegetable Screen, 1 x Fresh juice cup 1 x Pulp container, 1 x Wooden Pusher, 1 x Plastic pusher and 1 x Cleaning brush.

Returns and Warranty Handled by the local distributor. 


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