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Kiva Wellness Far-Infrared Sauna - 4 Person

  • 10 High Quality Hybrid Ceramic / Carbon Far-Infrared Heaters
  • Temperature Range 30-75°C
  • Low Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Test results here (p9)
  • Made from Sustainably sourced Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • Toughened 8mm Glass doors and Windows
  • Easy to use control panel enjoy a podcast or music whilst inside
  • Call our sales team directly on 0280741791 if you have more questions
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Kiva Wellness Far-Infrared Sauna - 4 Person

 Now you can relax and absorb the fabulous benefits of the Kiva Wellness Far-Infrared Sauna, all in the comfort of your own home. A Far-Infrared sauna is perfect if you are looking for ways to reduce stress levels, detoxify your body, refresh tired muscles or promote skin regeneration all whilst stimulating your body to lose weight. 


Designed with 10 high quality modern tech Hybrid Ceramic & carbon fibre far-infrared heating panels you can be rest assured that using the Kiva Wellness Infrared Sauna will leave you feeling rejuvenated.


Kiva Wellness 4 person sauna in bathroom

The wide range of benefits your body gains from absorbing Far-Infrared heat has seen these types of Sauna’s begin to appear in a large variety of businesses including health spas, gyms, massage clinics and we have even seen Sauna focused companies appear close to the coastline with encouragement to take a plunge in cold water after use. Kiva Wellness is your opportunity to bring this technology home allowing you to start or finish your day in the best possible and most convenient way. 


Complete with Australian certification and ultra-low Electromagnetic Field (EMF) plus a very simple to use design. This 4 person Sauna by Kiva Wellness is made using sustainably sourced Hemlock Wood from Canada and comes complete with an easy to operate control panel.


Ancient Culture Mixed with Modern Day Technology


It is believed that the use of saunas began around 2000 b.c. in Northern Europe. Thankfully these days we no longer have to dig a pit in the ground in order to get the benefits of heat therapy. The Kiva Wellness range of Saunas are made using high quality, thick and durable Canadian hemlock spruce, this is a common material used for Saunas as not only is it strong but also non-allergenic, resin free and provides a significantly reduced scent which can be experienced in some Saunas made with other varieties of wood.


If you are planning a personal wellness space for you and your family to use on a regular basis, then look no further than the Kiva Wellness Infrared Sauna. With its low EMF certified heaters, no harmful chemicals used in manufacturing, high quality toughened glass a relaxing atmosphere that is beneficial to your health is easy to create.


What are the benefits of Far-infrared heat?


It’s well known that experiencing a sauna is a great way to relax your body and release toxins through sweat caused by intense heat. What perhaps isn’t as well known is which type of heat offers the best results when trying to detoxify.


In comparison to near & medium infrared heat, far-Infrared heat is the most easily absorbed by your skin providing at least 80% of any benefit you can gain. It reciprocates the highly beneficial section of the light spectrum produced naturally by the Sun.


Far-infrared heat is absorbed by skin up to 45mm deep, opening pores to release toxins which are removed via our sweat glands. This process can improve the elasticity and firmness of skin.


Along with removing toxins, far-infrared energy is also believed to aid in helping a person reduce stress levels, increase blood circulation, and improve the symptoms associated with auto-immune disease such as Arthritis. Whilst a recent Japanese study showed how joint pain in Hashimoto's sufferers was reduced by up to 70% after using an Infrared Sauna.


Rather than heating the air that surrounds you in the Sauna, infrared technology heats your body directly, not only is this more energy efficient it also helps you breathe easier as the air is dry unlike traditional hot rock saunas which operate at much higher temperatures. This in turn means you can experience a longer more comfortable session increasing the benefits to your body.


Research results continue to suggest that far-infrared saunas are a fantastic option for those looking to improve their skin's appearance, reduce joint pain, support your cardiovascular and immune system whilst heating and penetrating deep into your skin.


Personal Sauna Built to last


Buying a Far-infrared sauna is undoubtedly an investment in your personal health. Considering the dollar cost it is important you choose a sauna with high quality parts. Kiva Wellness Saunas come complete with high quality carbon fiber heaters that emit heat evenly throughout the unit. Their low frequency infrared light waves will penetrate your skin tissue which is beneficial in stimulating cell regeneration and helping release toxins from your body.


3 Internal Sides of your Sauna are made from sustainably sourced Canadian hemlock wood. This type of wood is resistant to cracking or splitting and comes with little or no aroma plus its non-toxic and non-allergenic. These features combined created a wonderful environment for your well-being.


With your safety in mind the manufacturer of Kiva Wellness saunas tests its carbon heaters, monitoring thermal and electrical output. This ensures the Saunas arrive to you performing in accordance with the globally renowned Australian standards.


Perfect Wellness addition for the home


The brand Kiva Wellness is focused on wellbeing at home. It’s founding product range are Saunas built for the home. Introducing stylish, modern yet simple designs that will not look out of place in any indoor or undercover weatherproof outdoor setting.


Each model in the Kiva Wellness range offers a compact footprint perfect as a standalone feature or indeed built into your home's design. Please consider that in order to protect its hemlock finish the sauna needs to be kept out of wet weather and protected from moisture and direct sunlight.


Assembly and After Sales Service


This Sauna's assembly can be achieved within 20-30 minutes, however due to the fact that this Sauna has a higher wattage than the smaller items it does require a special 15amp socket. If you do not have one in your home you will need an electrician to replace your standard 10amp socket. The plug for this unit is slighter larger than the standard 10amp so it will not fit. 


There is a Lifetime Warranty on your Sauna's heater panels and a 1 Year Warranty on other parts.


As a Love Your Health preferred brand should you have any issues with your Kiva Wellness Sauna and general questions simply contact us directly via Phone number below, Live chat or email and our trained team will support you.


Please note that due to the size and weight of your Sauna we cannot use our usual couriers to deliver. This item is bulky so therefore will be shipped using a specialised delivery company.


Please allow extra time for the local Aussie truck drivers to get your Sauna to your front door. 



Kiva Wellness
Free Shipping Details
Free shipping for NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, ACT
Control Panel
Internal Control Panel from which you can change the time, temperature, light and use Bluetooth.
Control Panel Extra's
FM Radio, USB Phone Charging / Media Sound player
2 x Standard Speakers
Temperature Range
30 - 75 °C
Timer Range
5-60 Mins
Internal Lighting
2 x Spot Light
10 x Hybrid Ceramic & Carbon Far-Infrared Heaters all Low EMF (3500w) Rear: 300w x 2 (100cm x 40cm) | Side: 350w x 3 (6 total) (66cm x 18cm) | Bench: 400w x 2 (57cm x 18cm) 
Colours available
White Outside / Natural Wood Inside
Product Weight
Shipping Weight
Sauna Dimensions
165cm W x 145cm D x 190cm H
Seating Bench Dimensions
50.4cm W x 131.8cm L
Shipping Dimensions
3 x Boxes 200cm W x 161cm D x 18cm H + 200cm W x 107cm D x 19cm H + 158cm W x 109cm D x 24cm H
Hemlock Wood inside / Melamine board outside
Lifetime on Carbon Heater / 1 Year Standard (Managed directly by us)
3500w (15amp plug)
Electrician Required?
Yes if no 15amp wall socket available.  Also required is a 20amp circuit breaker installed in meter box. 
User Manual
Download Here

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Kiva Wellness is dedicated to offering quality products that when used regularly will improve your overall wellbeing. Offering a range that includes Saunas, Pilates and Yoga products, Kiva Wellness is owned and distributed by Love Your Health Australia.

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