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Mineral Rich Make Up

There are a few benefits to using Mineral Make Up Foundation. Most other foundations contain bulking agents such as talc and so can feel heavy on your skin. Where as Mineral make up is like a second skin which you barely notice. Its applied with ease and gives full coverage but wont sink into fine lines and wrinkles either. Its believed that mineral make up also offers some UV protection so you could benefit from teaming your sunscreen with a mineral-rich foundation too. From blush, powder, concealer and foundation we have options which can help you to perfect your look using natural ingredients -  without the hidden nasties.  

How To Apply Mineral Powder As A Foundation

If you're looking to achieve a lightweight and natural look then mineral powder foundation is for you. The way it works is it mimics the skin’s tone and texture, so that your skin is perfected, not just covered. You can build it up to cover blemishes whilst avoiding foundation streaks or patches. Here are the steps.

Firstly ensure you buy the right brush, most brands will have a brush which compliments their product and pot size. The brush is usually large and round and is designed to effectively buff on the mineral makeup, its short bristles provide fuller coverage and they hold plenty of powder. 

Always moisturise your face first as mineral foundation wont bond to dry skin, moisturising first will help your foundation to stick so it will last throughout the day. 

Remember a little goes a long way which is why your make up will last so much longer! Tip a small amount into the lid of your pot. Dab your brush into it and move in circular motion to rub in the powder and tap any excess off into the lid.

Apply to your face using circular motions. Add more powder as you go for an even coverage across your entire face. When you first start applying mineral powder you may feel that its not doing much. Its very different to applying liquid foundation where you instantly see the coverage. Mineral powder foundation is more subtle and it builds up as you continue to buff. By the time you’re finished you will see the difference. You can complete your look with concealer or blush or bronzer as desired.  



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