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Which Type Of Skin Undertone Do You Have?

Whenever you start looking for advice on which makeup tones and colours will suit you, the first thing you may need to find out is which skin tone and undertone you have. Don't confuse these, skin tone can change depending on sun exposure and skin conditions. However, skin undertone is the skins warm, cool or neutral shade which shows through the surface colour of your skin. There are 3 main types of undertone: neutral, warm and cool. Here are 3 easy ways to determine yours. 

The Colour Check 

Look at your face without make up against bright white and black shades, or other shades like tans and browns. If you look best in neutral white or black, you’re more on the cooler end of the spectrum. If you prefer yourself in a neutral tone like brown or tan that’s a sign you’re more warm. You could ask a friend if you cant decide.

The Jewellery Test

Gold jewellery usually looks better on those with a warm skin tone. Silver jewellery usually looks better on those with a cool skin tone.

Look At Your Veins

If you determine that your veins are Green to greenish-blue then you probably have a warm skin tone. For those with Purple or blue veins you probably have a cool skin tone. 

Colour Palettes To Choose from

Experts advise that if you have a cool undertone you should try pinks, greens, purples and reds. For warm undertones yellows, golds and peach hues will look fab. Neutral tones medium hues of any of the colours listed above will go. Neutral skin tones are pretty easy to pick colours for because you can pull off just about any lipstick or eyeshadow colour.



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