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Winter has begun!

During this season, we need all the help we can get to boost our body’s immune system. One way to do this is to take vitamin supplements such as 

What makes it different from regular Vitamin C?

Clinical studies show that liposomal vitamin C has better absorption compared to regular vitamin C. Because they come as liposomes (a spherical vesicle used as a vehicle for administration of nutrients and pharmaceutical drugs), they can withstand the digestive process in the body, bind better with cell membranes and effectively release vitamin C into our system.

Although regular intake of vitamin C is good, only a portion of it is absorbed by the body. Most of the nutrients are damaged as it goes through the digestive tract and eventually excreted in urine.

 Why take Vitamin C?

Vitamin C ( or ascorbic acid ), is a powerful antioxidant that our body needs to stay healthy. This essential vitamin fights free radicals and helps us keep our immune system in great condition. It supports collagen production for healthier muscle, skin, hair and ligaments. It also helps our body metabolize fats and proteins.

What are the forms of Vitamin C we can take?

Oral vitamin C comes in different forms such as pills, capsules or powder form. We can also get it from the food we eat. Some also use intravenous vitamin C to make sure that it is effectively carried out to the cells that need it most.

But with the use of liposomal technology, vitamin C is effectively delivered inside the body through liposomes better than what regular oral forms do.

Complete Natural Remedies – Liposomal Vitamin C has this technology to provide you and your family the daily dose on Vitamin C you need. It is ideal for both children and adults. This product is also gluten free, vegan and non GMO.