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The Top Benefits of Using a Far-Infrared Sauna

Benefits of using a far infrared sauna

Saunas have been used since ancient civilisations and are still a substantial part of many cultures and traditions to this day.  

Many civilisations have understood and enjoyed the use of heat therapy to promote wellness and healing.  

Finland is recognised as one of these countries, a land with a population of 5.5 million people and 2 million saunas!  

Most detached or terraced homes in Finland will have their own sauna, a place where you strip down and go to sweat it out and relax.  

What are Far-Infrared saunas?

Infrared saunas are believed to offer greater benefits than a traditional steam sauna due to the way they work. 

Traditional saunas mainly heat the air around you whereas the infrared lamps in infrared saunas are placed in a way to heat you up directly rather than the air around you.  

This allows the heat to penetrate more deeply to the body's tissues achieving a greater impact whilst operating at a lower temperature.  

This means you can receive all the health benefits comfortably, without the extreme heat.  

In comparison to near & medium infrared heat, far-Infrared heat is the most easily absorbed by your skin providing at least 80% of any benefit you can gain. 

It reciprocates the highly beneficial section of the light spectrum produce naturally by the Sun. 



One of the main benefits of using an infrared sauna is the complete feeling of relaxation you experience as the soothing heat relives stress and tension in muscles throughout the entire body. 
Relaxation continues even after your session as your body temperature decreases.  A sauna can truly be the perfect environment for a much-needed moment of self-care, allowing a moment of peace and reflection.
It can be revitalising to have your very own space free from the distractions of devices, emails, alerts etc. 

Burn Calories

Exercising in a hot sauna increases your body temperature and heart rate thus allowing you to burn more calories. 
So, if you're looking to get a little bit extra from your sauna session then try a set of squats, ab crunches or push ups.
Remember to listen to your body and stop if it becomes too much or if you are feeling lightheaded.  There's no pressure in the sauna, you can just be yourself.   


Sweat Out Toxins

There are differing opinions on whether sweating is an effective way to detoxify your body as experts advise that sweat mainly comprises water and salt.

However, some studies have shown that 15-20% of infrared sauna-induced sweat is composed of cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, heavy metals, sulfuric acid and ammonia.

In other words, an infrared sauna could enable your body to eliminate toxins through sweat.

Far infrared heat waves are designed to penetrate skin up to 45mm deep making them extremely efficient in opening pored to release toxins.

Muscle Recovery

Heat from an infrared sauna can help to increase blood circulation and this will help relieve pain and soreness associated with tight muscles after a workout or strenuous exercise.  

Effective muscle recovery is vital to maintaining performance within any activity as it allows you to continue to train.

Relief from Arthritis and joint pain

The gentle heat from infrared saunas penetrates deep into the body's tissues and muscles.  Blood flow is increased to a similar rate seen during exercise.

Exercise can be difficult for those struggling with joint pain or arthritis so perhaps a session in a sauna could help.

Studies have shown that improving circulation this way can provide pain relief both during and after an infrared sauna treatment.

Reduce Cellulite

Far - Infrared saunas can help improve lymphatic drainage and sweat out toxins which helps to reduce swelling and naturally improves the appearance of cellulite.

It's worth considering sauna use along with a healthy active lifestyle to minimise cellulite.

Anti-Aging Benefits

As you age your body stops producing collagen in abundance.  Skin lacking in collagen develops wrinkles and can lose the plump firmness of youthful skin.

Interestingly, a 2006 study in Yonsei Medical Journal researched the benefits of using an infrared sauna on the skin and found that the use of an infrared sauna increased collagen production. 

The same study concluded that fine wrinkles and firmness were improved.  So, you can perhaps add this to the list of benefits for your skin. 

Easy Installation

Buying a Far-infrared sauna is undoubtedly an investment in your personal health. 
You can purchase Kiva Wellness Far infrared saunas with free shipping Australia wide,
They are very simple to assemble, allow 20-30 minutes for assembly and once built the unit is plugged into a standard wall socket so there is no need for an electrician.
Each model in the Kiva Wellness range offers a compact footprint perfect as a standalone feature or indeed built into your home's design.

Which Far-Infrared Saunas do we recommend?

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