Have you recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition? Here are 5 quick holistic healing tips to help you feel healthier and happier ASAP.


Be Kind to Yourself


Let yourself feel all the feels! It’s perfectly okay to feel angry, sad, and even betrayed by your body (after all, it is attacking itself!). Once you’ve had some time to sit with your emotions, pick yourself up and remember that if you educate and empower yourself, there is SO much you can do to reverse and heal autoimmunity.


Build a Support Team


If your GP is not being supportive (or simply isn’t educated enough about your specific condition), it is perfectly acceptable to “sack” them and hire a new one. Try looking into alternative and holistic medicine, such as functional and integrative practitioners, naturopathic doctors, and health coaches who will see you as a whole person (not just one “broken” bodily system).


Try AIP and Go Gluten-Free


Have a look into the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet which is specifically designed to help reduce inflammation and identify food sensitivities in people with autoimmune disease. If you don’t want to commit to going “full AIP” to begin with (be sure to reach out to your support team if you need some guidance!), then at the very least, eliminate gluten entirely. I promise you, gluten is not your friend – and this is coming from a life-long carb monster. It is inflammatory, causes leaky gut, and the consumption of it can lead to a process called “molecular mimicry” which ends in the destruction of internal tissue (particularly for those with Coeliac and Hashimoto’s disease).


Get Extra Testing Done to Identify Root Causes


There is always a trigger (usually multiple triggers) for autoimmunity. You need to look into what could be going on in your gut as well as elsewhere in your body, in order to identify your specific triggers. This could include food intolerances, stealth infections, adrenal issues, trauma, mould, heavy metal toxicity, and more.


Get Extra Testing Done to Identify Root Causes


Look into your lifestyle. Where are you currently out of balance? Autoimmunity happens when your body is out of balance and it can heal, given half the chance. You need to look at any chronic stressors – areas like your job, relationships, exercise, home environment, etc. Where can you find extra time for self-care and meditation, for example, to bring yourself back into balance?


I know it can be overwhelming when you are first diagnosed with an autoimmune condition – believe me, I’ve been there with Hashimoto’s. It’s okay to feel freaked out and worried about the future but please hear me when I say that you CAN heal and feel amazing. You CAN still live a full and extraordinary life. I’m living proof and I’ve connected with (and coached) many others who are living proof too. The most important thing is to continue to advocate for, prioritise and commit to your health – and reach out when you need support. You’ve got this!